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10 Journal Exercises For A Better Day

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Today, I wanted to share some journal exercises I have practiced (and continue to practice) that really put me in the driver's seat of my mindset and helped me become a positive thinker.

To begin, I just want to put your mind at ease by simply saying: Negative thinking is just a bad habit.

That’s it.

There’s truly no reason to panic or feel bad if you have been down a dark road with your thoughts, we have all truly been there! But, now that you know this, it's time to break free and get back on a positive vibe.

Please grab your journal or a pen and a few sheets of paper so we can start our journal sesh!

As someone who provides daily empowerment for a living (check out my podcast channel: Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal on Pandora, Spotify and Apple) I can tell you the only secret in this world and in this life is that you are the most influential person in your life right now. You are the creator.

Whether you know it or not, you call all of the shots and you’ve called all the shots in your life. Your life truly begins and ends in your mind. What you do or don’t do, is truly up to you. What you think you can do, is exactly what you’ll end up doing. What you think won’t work is exactly what happens. Here's the good news, when people begin to think negative it is mostly unintentional thoughts being misplaced and they can easily be changed.

Before we start, working on your belief system is the most profound exercise you can do daily, if you want to shape up your attitude about work, people, health, career, your mind, money and anything you might be thinking negatively about. It may sound silly, but you have to mend the garden of your mind each day to get maximum results. Your mind is (and I can’t say this enough) your most important asset, for what you truly believe is what you end up being.

Here are 10 journal exercises I do in the morning and again at night to stimulate my mindset and reaffirm what I know to be true.

10 Journal Exercises | Do 1 or all, every day, for 30 days and watch your life change!

  1. Gratitude: Write 30 things you are grateful for and list WHY you are grateful for them

  2. Dreams: Write 10 dreams you would love to achieve and how it would make you feel if you achieved them

  3. Family + Friends: Write down 10 people you love, what you love about them and then send them blessings and positive energy for the day

  4. Health: Write 10 things you love about your health and body and say thank you to those parts of your body and then visualize yourself in perfect health.

  5. Positivity: Write down 10 positive affirmations, that start with “I am” (for example: “I am beautiful”) and repeat each one 10 times

  6. Creation: Write “thank you” before each one, and then list out 10 desires or dreams as if they have already occurred and try to generate the feelings you’d have if it were already done

  7. Focus: Write down, exactly what you want in a sentence, your biggest dream or desire and write it out 55 times a day for 3 days. This is the fastest way to regain clarity on what you would like to accomplish and achieve it.

  8. Passion: Write out everything that makes you happy, all of your passions and hobbies, as long as you can make it and then close your eyes and pick one randomly and have that be your “activity” of the day.

  9. Rewire: List 10 things that went right on a “bad day”, if a negative thought pops up during this exercise, replace it with 3 new positive thoughts. Try to do this for 30 days, it will naturally rewire your brain to look for the positive in a situation.

  10. Visualize: List 5 exciting things that happened today! And go back in your mind and try to visualize them again and enjoy the feeling. If something didn’t go quite right, visualize how you would’ve wanted it to go and then write it down! This is a powerful way to regain the mental pictures that play over and over in your mind.

Alright loves, I hope you are all staying positive and working on your personal balance.

For me, I find it is essential to take my mindset seriously. As a creator, I take responsibility for what I create every day and mastering my energy is one of them. There is truly no greater time to practice the power of your mind and shift into a positive energetic state.

Get in touch. Begin with honesty. The rest will follow.


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