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Updated: May 18, 2020

Every day, I put out a podcast that is meant to help heal your mindset, help you appreciate your body, and re-energize your spirit as you take on your day!

Below is our "daily teachings" podcast newsletter that will always include what we talked about in the podcast so you never miss a vibe! Here's what's included:

  • Daily Tarot Cards (full interpretation on the podcast)

  • Daily Quote

  • Daily Pep Talk Outlined

  • Daily Wellness Tip

  • Daily Herbal Remedy

Welcome back to our Podcast Newsletter! I really just wanted another way to bring you more daily insight and positive vibes; so my goal is to just be a source of positive knowledge to help stimulate a balanced state for your mind, body, and spirit. Every. Single. Day.

Here's today's vibes:

"Today's pep talk was all about being active. Not just in the gym or at work but in your mind, spirit and heart. What drives you? What motivates you? What makes you passionate? These are questions we avoid accidentally not realizing that they are the MOST important questions we can be asking ourselves today. So, how can YOU create the VIBE in your life? Simple! Ask yourself what made today great at the end of each day and then list what would've made the day better. Those answers will lead you to your ultimate mind, body, and spirit balance. Secondly! Decide you're in a great mood, decide there's a bigger plan at work and maybe, just maybe, you can leave the worry to your god. Embrace in the unknown; in fact, find the calm in your storm by choosing to feel the lightness of your new routine. The lack of rushing, the new found freedom of the unknown, the extra sleep and time with loved ones; but when in doubt, just simply decide to give light and be light. The most important thing you could do to get motivated, stay inspired or "lose weight" is to simply think less, and act more. Act from a place of love. A place of calm. A place of peace. Because, those actions are truly the actions that align your mind, body, spirit, and heart space."

As always, I am forever keeping it real on the podcast and always coming with motivating pep talks to help generate better, higher quality levels of thinking, feeling and BEING. I love you. Be the love. Be the light. And then make sure you pass it on!

To listen, or the full episode click here

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