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Updated: May 18, 2020

Every day, I put out a podcast that is meant to help heal your mindset and re-energize your spirit as you take on your day!

Below is our "daily teachings" newsletter that will always include the following:

  • Daily Tarot Cards (full interpretation on the podcast)

  • Daily Quote

  • Daily Pep Talk Outlined

  • Daily Wellness Tip

  • Daily Herbal Remedy

Welcome to our first Newsletter! I wanted another way to bring you more daily insight and positive vibes; so my goal is to just be a source of positive knowledge to help stimulate a balanced state for your mind, body, and spirit. Every. Single. Day.

"Today's pep talk was all about embodying our truth and beginning a practice of self-love to heal any emotional "pain body" we may have been carrying around that may be blocking our success. The truth is, if you've been a child with emotions, you've most likely had a painful experience that you may not have let go of. The reality is our belief system is very young and will remain a child, unless we take on the responsibility to nourish and grow it. How so? From the ages of 1-7, we sponge in theta brain wave length mode, highly senstitive while absorbing all we can; we then begin to embody a belief system based on programs, behaviors, experiences and lessons taught by the people and places around us. As we encounter more life lessons, we can sometimes forget to mend our experiences along the way or even expand our beliefs as we grow; resulting in emotional "pain" being carried around that no longer serves our highest good or highest beliefs. Yet, we found ourselves "trapped" in this belief by thought. For today's podcast, my goal is to interrupt "The Hero Of The Dream" which is found in the book "A Course Of Miracles" (The Text + The Workbook + The Manual For Teachers) on page 677. | And free you from the idea that we need to suffer any painful memories, experiences or thoughts. The truth is, we are free to be and we can put this illusion down at any time. We can put any belief that no longer resonates with us down and begin to think a new, more quality thought. For example, the illusion that we are separate from one another; is the actual art of the ego. The idea that we are separate from one another; is just not true and only brings that separation and judgement onto ourselves. Love is a degree. Love is the only thing that is real. So what we say of another, lies within us, secretly - and only we can correct that internal dialogue with new beliefs. You either choose to see love, or you choose to see fear, either way, you are the cause of it all, and your life is the result of your fate." Your fate is what you are.

As always, I am forever keeping it real on the podcast and always coming with original ideas, topics, and interpretations to help generate better, higher quality levels of thinking.

To listen, or the full episode click here

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