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2020's Biggest Beauty Trends

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Honestly, Spa is my favorite word and we all know I'm in a face mask as I type this so follow me...

I'll be your host, Queen of the Beauty Treats because feeling like a boss at all cost is a mood and today, I'm happy to provide you with all the details.

"It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.”

For me, this is split into categories.

There's...what you you'll do at a spa, what you can do at home and somewhere in between there's the maintenance of your soul. Truly, from my heart, taking care of yourself is a part of health. It's not selfish. It's essential.

We've all been there, feeling guilty for our hair cost or "special" spa day or buying those new sneakers; but if you FEEL beautiful, motivated, excited and inspired, it is adding to your life.

Let me state the obvious, beauty is an inside job - it's a feeling, an essence, an experience and a vibe. A color change and a blow dry is not going to help you, if you really just need to wear comfy clothes, wear a hat and hike with your pup for the day. So here are some ways to stay beautified while taking care of your stress levels and maintaining a positive outlook on life.

Below are some great ways to up your self-care game this year which, by the way, there's no shame in the game ladies. Get out there, get a mani, grab an eyebrow tint, book that massage because, you absolutely deserve it. Hash tag, you gotta listen to your soul cries has never made more sense than it does right now.

Best ways to feel amaze + beauty treatments that are currently trending for 2020. Love ya xo - Chelsea

SPA: Spa + Body Treatments:

- Light Treatments (O.G Red Light Queen here) this helps boost collagen

- Hydro Facial (there's so much to type- just book it)

- Chemical Peel (fixes your face)

- Stone Massage (watch the tailbone)

- Sauna Detox Massage (you die and come back to life)

- Keratin Blowout (you feel like Cindy Crawford)

- Organic Spray Tans (game changer- stop booking the other ones immediately)

- Spa pedicure + manicure (why not, add the petals, pass me the champs)

- Hot Yoga + Hot Spin = New class (Because crying and sweating is theraputic - so they made a new class for us)

- Nature walk (sun + air + movement = go unplug)

- Grab a local healthy lunch (all the vibes)

HOME: Spa + Body Treatments:

- Face Roller Massage (invest in a quartz facial roller)

- Detox Bath (Himalayan sea salt + dr.teal's are best )

- Deep Stretch + Hot Shower (shut the door and steam it out girl)

- Face Mask (Not sure what to get? Google: SheaMoisture Coconut And Hibiscus Mud Face Mask )

- Eye Mask Patches (put any you use in the fridge 10 minutes before use) Not sure what to buy? Click here

- Face Scrape ( invest in a dermaplanting tool)

- Foot bath (Hot water + apple cider vinegar + lemon = bam)

- Body Scrub + Body Lotion (invest in a good system)

- Dry Brush + Apply Cellulite Cream

- Blow Dry Your Hair (Invest in a good hair dryer + brush + preventive heat cream)

- Make your favorite healthy meal

2020 Trending Beauty Treatments:

- Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massages

- Laser Facials

- Light Therapy

- Wrinkle Injections

- Ombré Powder Brows

- Spray Tans

- Dip Powder Nails

- Laser Hair Removal

- Lip Fillers

- Micro Needling

- Heated Workout Classes

- Nature Workout Classes

- Meditation

- Kombucha + Mocktails + Non Alcoholic = aka peaceful plants are trending

- Organic Food + Vegan Meals

- Organic Beauty Products + Spa Treatments

So, many trends, so little time...but, yea, just invest in what feels best. I literally use a $15 Vitamin E cream because it WORKS for my skin, not because it's expensive or trending. Do what works, do what feels right and never feel bad for indulging in some much needed self care.

More vibes on the podcast Talking health, beauty, motivation, weight loss, positive vibes and SOUL much more - see ya there! xox - Chelsea

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