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Skinny Frozen Limon | Sounds Fancy

Everyone has heard of the frose, but if I'm being honest with you, that's like 96 grams of sugar, which to me, ruins the rose. Like, wine drinker or not, be respectful of the craft.

Welcome to my blog, Skinny Drink, edition.

“Can we get this margarita to go? We have some shopping to do.”

Yes, that's a real quote, from my real life experience and the waiter actualy did it. Sometimes, I can be pretty convincing guys, I'm not ganna lie, I said it so casually that he was like "yea, yea, no problem." Gotta love beautiful people and of course, we tipped that man. Tip the helpers of the world, tip your bartenders people or I can't roll with you.

Okay, anyways. These posts are usually short because, I know you came for the recipe. (This is what you came for starts playing) The only rule is no rules, have fun this summer, and whip this up at your next party.

Skinny Froze Limon | Drink Recipe

  • 2 Lemons Juiced

  • Tons of ice

  • Water

  • Mint Leaves

  • Stevia

- Mocktail-ers, just blend that up -

Party People Add:

  • 1 dash strawberry bitters

  • 1 dash lemon bitters

  • 2.5 oz Grey Goose Limon

Notes from your coach: This drink was originally made with Grey Goose Limon, but I also suggest Kettle One, Botanical Vodka (made with no sugar) Kettle One: Cucumber Mint (if you use this cucumber vodka, add mint bitters instead of the strawberry bitters) or Kettle One: Grapefruit Rose Vodka (if you use this rose vodka, add rose bitters or floral bitters in addition to the lemon and strawberry bitters)

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