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Skinny Watermelon Mojito

So call me crazy but I like to drink without consuming my weight in sugar. So many times, alcohol gets a bad rep because of the lack of quality liquores, alchemic balance, and sugary mixers.

Welcome to my blog babes, you know the drill, always keeping it: Skinny Drink, edition.

“I infused this Tito's with watermelon and white tea for like a week so we're about to see stars without the hangover”

Again, true story. Sometimes, I just start messing around with elements and I make something that is borderline illegal. It's fine. I'll also blog about it because, blogging was dead until I Swift kicked the GIF game back in '18.

So sick of the same captions, same products, recipes, link, click, buy, so I get paid.Like where's the care? Where's the street cred? Where's YA vibes lol anyways, I will gladly share what I do in my real life, I will Instagram my real life, because it's fun and way better that way.

Anyone else just yell: "Sold out seats to hear biggie smalls speak." Recipe drops now!

Skinny Watermelon Mojito

- 2 oz. Tito's (or any white rum, vodka or gin) - I know its typically made with rum, I used Tito's for this one

- In a shaker, add lime juice ( 1/2 a lime) water, 2 packets of stevia, and a bunch of mint leaves (MUDDLE) then add frozen watermelon and ice (SHAKE)

- In a seperate glass, fresh mint leaves, lime wedges, squeeze a hint of lime juice, add fresh ice and (STRAIN) your mixer contents into your fresh AF glass.

- Top with: Strawberry Watermelon Selzter | Garnish with lime + watermelon slice

TITOS CBD CHILL AF WHITE WATERMELON THING: Bunch of lemon peels, stevia, water, titos, watermelon "simple syrup" went into a large bottle that can be sealed tightly (watermelon "simple"syrup was: blended fresh watermelon, cooked that on low with stevia, water and lemon juce; then hours later when it was cold, I added pepermint CBD oil and chilled pomergranate white tea (from Trader Joes) ; anyways, let that sit for like 3 days sealed and in the fridge. When I opened it, it smelled like an angel just took a shower in flowers, and to be honest, I dont even know what I made so....try it, don't try it, it was amazing, and now it's my new party trick. Enjoy! - Chelsea xoxox

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