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The Best Chakra Clearing Detox Bath

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

This is one of the best exercises you can do to clear your energy, boost your immune system and honestly, realign your chakras in a very healing way. I literally feel brand new every time I make this bath.

What you'll need:

  • A Big Cold Water To Drink In The Tub

  • Cold Cloth Or Spray Bottle With Cold Water

  • Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Himalayan Sea Salt

  • Organic Bubble Bath Of Choice

  • Body Scrub Of Choice

I will say, when I first started doing this about a year ago, it was SO uncomfortable, I could barely stay in for 20 minutes; but overtime, you begin to feel your way back to your body and you feel your way through your chakra's by reconnecting with deep breathing through the intensity of the heat.

Overtime, you begin to have a renewed sense of connection within yourself and overall, it's a great way to relax and ditch the stress and re-balance your system and get back to loving your body and feeling positive and healthy again.


The benefits of doing this detox bath are unbelievable; truly, this is the fastest way to cleanse your body without the teas or green juice diets. Hungover? This bath is for you. Tired? This bath is for you. Angry? Get yo' ass in the bath. All jokes aside, adding a detox bath to your wellness routine gives you a much needed re-balance in your system, provides proper organ function, glowing skin, weight loss, toning, a renewed sense of energy, a new sense of peace and vitality, higher levels of cognitive thinking and soul much more.

The main thing I couldn't get over was how good my skin looked and how much it impacted my weight. I was literally shedding pounds off my body and years off my face.

After my first detox bath, I couldn't believe how much it improved my mood and enhanced my well being, I actually felt inspired to take care of myself because I felt so much lighter; I felt healed.

Within an hour of the bath, all the inflammation and "puffiness" in your body disappears; even blemishes on your skin will be noticeably different. I even did one after a night of no sleep and within 2 hours, the bags under my eyes were gone and now I’m hooked; when in doubt: detox bath.

So, when I say this is a chakra cleansing bath, I'm not kidding, you will FEEL the difference. Right away.

How To Create A Chakra Clearing Detox Bath:

Dim the light and draw a hot bath (hot enough to sweat but not burning) the heat is important because it draws out the toxins and clears any trapped energy.

As the bath fills up, add 2 tbsp of Braggs apple cider vinegar + Himalayan sea salt and any type of organic bubble bath; just try to be mindful of the ingredients you put in the tub, you don't want any artificial perfumes or ingredients you don't recognize. Dr. teal's is my fav and is also approved for this bath; I always add a scoop of the restore mix when I do this one.

Make sure you are hydrated and bring a big glass of water (or 3) with you into the tub; this is not a suggestion, it gets HOT so you will need to hydrate and replenish what leaves your body as it's happening. Make sure you have a cold cloth and spray near by in case you're feeling like it's too hot and you need to get out.

Start with a 5 minute soak and try to work your way up to a 20 minute soak.

What To Expect:

You'll notice your heart rate will go within a few minutes, you will feel very uncomfortable and your chest might tense up; but this is all normal signs of a detox as you begin to release toxins (toxins, by the way, can be anything from emotional trapped energy, medications, artificial lotions, alcohol, even the food you eat everyday could hold toxins you are simply unaware of ) so clearing your energy once a month is so important for your overall health and bodily functions.

I'm not going to lie, it can be really intense; you might get an instant headache or throbbing sensation throughout your head and body; depending on your lifestyle. If you eat pretty healthy and exercise, it will be less intense. If you've needed this detox for awhile, expect to start with 5 minutes, jump out for 5 and do another 5 minutes.


  • Beginner: soak for 5 minutes: stand up, add body scrub of choice, soak for another 5 minutes; rinse with cool water

  • Medium: soak for 10 minutes: stand up, add body scrub of choice, soak for another 10 minutes; rinse with cool water

  • Experienced: soak for 20 minutes; stand up, add body scrub of choice, soak for another 20 minutes; rinse with cool water

Always, always rinse off with cool water, this will help re-balance your heart rate and calm your nervous system.

The only disclaimer is just do what feels right! The entire point is to cleanse and reconnect with your body again, so honor your body and be respectful; if after 5 minutes it's too much, it's time to rinse with cold water.

Pro Tips:

As you soak, just breathe deep and drink your water. You can also spray your face with cool water or put a cold cloth on your head; but the heat is meant to draw out any imbalance stuck in your body so depending on your lifestyle, your symptoms might be more intense.

  • Bring a book or a magazine to distract you from the heat lol

  • Keep the lights low + soothing music

  • Drink lots and lots of water in the tub as you steam

  • It's okay to jump out to pee, that's actually a good sign, it means your flushing things out faster

  • Move slow, like turtle pace slow, don't get up too fast and pay attention to your body; it's more important to be safe

Post Tub

After you've rinsed off with cool water, lay down for 15- 30 minutes (or as much time as you need) it's A LOT to feel and it might be overwhelming your first few times but it's so important to come back to your body and really reconnect with how you feel in your skin and how your body is actually doing.

Alrighty, that's my wellness tip of the day! :) Feel to heal is the vibe, everyone is human, and we could all use a detox bath to clear up that stuck energy and start fresh again!

I recommend this once a week for anyone struggling with addictions (food addictions, over eating, drugs, alcohol, anything you do to "escape" your feelings is an addiction, it could even be work, I'm so guilty of overworking so don't feel bad just reconnect when you can) and I definitely recommend this once a month for anyone looking to add more "positive vibes" to their wellness routine; adding this to your routine after a vacation or night of drinking will also really help you stay balanced and grounded; this is truly, one of the fastest ways to get back to your mind, body and soul balance.

Namaste friends xox Chelsea

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