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Skinny Pineapple Tequila Mule

Updated: May 21, 2020

Everyone has heard of the skinny margarita; but don't suffer with no flavor. Here's a reason to actually wink, clink and cheers at your next girls night.

Welcome to my blog, Skinny Drink, edition.

“I'll have a skinny vodka latte to go, please.”

These posts are usually short because, I know if you're anything like me - you came for the recipe. The only rule is don't shake the seltzer in a mixer, or anything carbonated in a mixer - it will go everywhere and ruin your street cred. Enjoy!

Skinny Pineapple Tequila | Mule Recipe

- 2 oz. patron tequila

- 1 oz. patron orange liqueur

- 0.25 oz. fresh lime juice + raw stevia with water

- splash in: fresh squeezed Orange Juice+ Pineapple Juice

- Top with: Ginger Lime Seltzer (or if you don't mind calories, top with ginger beer)

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