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Hey boss babes, welcome back to today's newsletter!

Literally me on YouTube, I was like sh*t, I said sh*t. Okay so today's Podcast Topic And Inspiration Can Be Found On Season 12, Episode 2: Titled: 10 Weight Loss Menaltity and Motivaional Tips

Of course, each week I like to wrap up everything we talked about on the podcast, so here are this week's "greatest hits" to help clear your mind, bring some wellness insight to your life, and give you a boost of positive energy for the week ahead.

#1: Restart as many times as you need to but don't quit.

It's not just a corny slogan, if you never quit, you never fail; it's only when you stop trying that you lose in life so KEEP GOING and restart as many times as you need to but do not quit boo. You can rest, you can reset, you can cry, but then you need to keep going; you will get there if you continue; but giving up doesn't get you closer to your goal, so keep going and restart as many times as you need to but absolutely don't quit on yourself.

#2: Beauty and health is truly found within

A big beauty topic that came up was to focus on the quality of your food and products, because your food literally makes you beautiful or it brings you in the opposite direction of your goals. You are what you eat and it is true that you become what you eat, and before you think you can't have pizza, that's not true, pizza is for the soul; however, quality is so important so this week, skipp the low calorie diet and focus on QUALITY ingredients. Continue to do this and you will never have to diet again.

#3: Are you consuming or creating?

I feel like all Instagrammers will hate this one but it's true; you're either busy creating or busy consuming. Again, before you think you need to run 15 businesses to feel like a creator, it's just a matter of consciously creating and infusing yourself with things that you love.

So keep your instagram accounts, stay social... but only consume what ADDS VALUE to your vibes. For example: I follow accounts that bring me positive energy, laughs, wellness, nutritional advice, health tips, etc. So simply, follow accounts that inspire you, that teach you, that bring value to your morning scroll. That's what social media is all about, inspiration and genuine connection that allows you to consciously connect to like minds and brings in positive tribe vibes. So consume and create, mindfully, by simply becoming aware of what inspires you and drives you in a positive way.

#4: Write Your Real Goals Down - What can you really get done today?

We talk about this on almost every podcast, but your need your real goal outlined. For example: I want to lose 50 pounds this year; and now the goal is to get real about how long that will take based on what you will actually do! So, ask yourself, what you can get done today to make that happen? It doesn't need to be a rehaul of your exercise and nutrition plan, sometimes it's just a matter of drinking more water and getting better sleep, or simply hitting your calorie goals every day, consistently, not just Monday - Thursday.

So ask yourself this question before you start over. "What can I really do today that will bring me to my goal tomorrow?" then actually get it done. The key is to continue to check in every day on what you will actually do today, because consistency is the name of the game, it's not found in the 3 hours workout you do on Friday's, it's found in the 25 minutes you commit to checking off your to do list, every single day.

#5: Let yourself feel all your emotions - and then shift into the positives.

This was from our daily positive oracle card reading, but allowing all emotions is very important because there is no reason to pretend your way to a positive feelings.

However, focusing on lower vibrational emotions (sadness, jealousy, etc) can leave you stuck and exhausted. So? Step out of your mind and into your vibes! You truly have the power to change your mind and you can shift this at any time; so simply choose to let go of all thoughts, completetly, and then focus on how you really feel, not how you "think" you feel.

Most of the time it's literally just weird thoughts running the feelings and emotions, so don't give them so much power or attention. You are allowed to feel good, despite any "seamingly negative" situations your mind has created; so drop the racing thoughts and simply decide to focus on what's positive, what's going RIGHT and what you are grateful for; an attitude of gratitude is the fastest way to a better mindset, a positive outlook and a healthier life.

For more weight loss tips for your mind and body - check out my lastest podcast and of course, click around for more blogs, recipes, custom weight loss plans, personal coaching, positive mentality tips and of course, I'll see you next week for our WEEKLY VIBES | Newsletter. Cheers! xox - Chelsea

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