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Okay so today's POSITIVE Podcast Topics And Inspiration Can Be Found On Season 13, Episode 4: Titled: 5 Positive Mind Positive Life Tips

Of course, each week I like to wrap up everything we talked about on the podcast, so here are this week's "greatest hits" to help clear your mind, bring some wellness insight to your life, and give you a boost of positive energy for the week ahead.

#1: Self - Respect Will Get You Everything You Need In Life

Total game changer, in business, life, and relationships. Before you ask anything of anyone else, ask it of yourself. Can it be done? Would you do it? Can you supply it? Really think of the standards we set for everyone else but ourselves in health, business, morals, standards, career, and relationships. The dream job? Create it. The dream person you’re looking for? Become it! But it starts with self-respect. Self-respect keeps you honest, accountable, realistic and showing up. If you respect yourself, you set boundaries. When you set boundaries, you set standards. Do you want to know why you keep skipping your workout? Maybe you’re tired, maybe you had a long day or maybe you don’t respect your workout enough to put in the effort; which means you’re putting yourself last - so whatever it is that you want in life, be sure to put it first and put in the effort! What you give, is exactly what you get. So set some boundaries, raise your standards, and start showing up for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how much you accomplish 💪🏼💕✅

#2: We accept the love we think we deserve

This weeks Girl Talk was exactly what you needed to hear if you are going through a break up, a rough patch or feeling lonely, don‘t ever lower your standards for anybody. “We accept the love we think we deserve” so if you are struggling with self love and self respect, remember we tell ourselves what we are, we tell ourselves how valuable or invaluable we are so STEP YOUR STORY UP💕💅🏻 View yourself the way you’d like to be viewed! Loveable, kind, caring, successful, a catch, and watch how fast you attract someone who values, loves. and respects you for exactly who you are.

#3: Today is a brand new day!

The truth is you choose the kind of day you’re going to have based on your mood. In this weeks episode “5 Positive Mind Positive Life Tips” I shared ways to break out of the “same day, same mentality” hamster wheel and start viewing your life as a moment to just simply enjoy. You never need a reason to enjoy your day, just like you don’t need a reason to get excited about a cup of coffee. So put the appreciation back in your day and start enjoying things again!

For more weight loss tips for your mind and body - check out my lastest podcast and of course, click around for more blogs, recipes, custom weight loss plans, personal coaching, positive mentality tips and of course, I'll see you next week for our WEEKLY VIBES | Newsletter. Cheers! xox - Chelsea

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