Basic Design + Website = $550


Add The Monetizing Advertisment Set Up + Include Proper Domain Registration = $200


Let's be real, there are a ton of great sites that will let you create your website at low to no cost; (I use but the time and experience it takes to actually set up a great looking website, that is registered properly and building you extra money on the side - could take you actual years. 


Wondering why everyone wants you to like, share or subscribe? Clicks and visits to your website (when it is monetized) = can add up to serious money. 


I have multiple websites running through Ad programs - trust me, in 5 years - you'll be glad you invested in a website that not only looks great and acts as a base for you and your side projects - but also creates additional income while it sits on the internet. 


Inquire via email only: 

Website Monetizing + Design

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    I am a Podcaster, Blogger, Marketing Consultant, Etsy Shop Owner, Author and 30 Day Weight Loss Audio Series Creator On Patreon! As an avid reader and positive thinker, I enjoy studying and practicing wellness in my daily routine and providing wisdom along the way. 


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