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I am a former Marketing Consultant turned Podcaster, Blogger and avid Positive Thinker. 

Consider this blog an extension of the podcast, this is where I come to be creative, share my life adventures, wellness advice, weight loss recipes, beauty tricks, health tips and e-books.


Whether that's through advice on my daily motivational podcast channel, the Daily Newsletter, sharing a healthy recipe from my kitchen to yours or simply being that light, as I pursue my passion in Podcasting and writing. My goal is to always leave the creative door open; in hopes, that you too, see and FEEL the greatness within you. 


A few interesting facts about me, I am a master mixologist and I love creating skinny healthy martini's and mocktails that don't ruin your diet. (see blog + ebooks) Before the podcast, I was a Marketing and Event Manager turned full time Marketing Consultant under my own business name (CSwift Designs) which gave me the ability to break into what I really love to do full time, which is podcasting, writing, and designs. I am currently a Motivational + Wellness Podcaster ( Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal) on Spotify, Pandora and Apple; and as a new lifestyle blogger, I'm just all about keeping it real, keeping it positive, and staying true to the light within my soul. 

It's been a long road and I've worn many hats throughout my career but my favorite one is a beach hat paired my favorite book and a refreshing martini while podcasting to YOU!. But, when I'm not working, you can absolutely find me exploring on vacation, checking out a new local spot, off to hot yoga or at my favorite beach and just enjoying the simple things that life brings. Click around for all the daily newsletter, positivity, ebooks, blogs and I will see you on the next podcast! 


Chelsea xox

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Chelsea Swift


About Me

I am a Podcaster, Blogger, Marketing Consultant and avid positive thinker/ reader. I enjoy studying and practicing wellness in my daily routine and providing wisdom along the way. 


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