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I am a Marketing Consultant, Podcaster, Blogger, Online Business Owner, Painter and avid Positive Thinker. 

This is where I come to be creative, share my life adventures, wellness advice, weight loss recipes, beauty tricks, health tips and services. 


Whether that's through advice on my daily motivational podcast channel, sharing a healthy recipe from my kitchen to yours or simply being that light, as I pursue a career as a successful entrepreneur. My goal is to always leave the creative door open; in hopes, that you too, see and FEEL the greatness within you. 


I am a master mixologist and I'm passionate about creating skinny healthy martini's and mocktails that don't ruin your diet. (see blog) By day, I am a Marketing Consultant (this includes assisting businesses with advertising material, web design and coaching) Right now, I have a website design and monetizing package for anyone looking to set up a blog or side business while generating money through their site. (check out - shop tab) I am also a Motivational + Wellness Podcaster ( Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal: available on Pandora, Apple, Spotify) A New Lifestyle Blogger (you can also find articles on VocalMedia.com + Harness Magazine) An Entrepreneur/ Online Business Owner (web hosting, design services with an online shop for art and decor) and a constant side hustler (audible books + YouTube channel - now available) 

I wear many hats but my favorite one is a beach hat paired my favorite book and a refreshing martini. When I'm not working, you can absolutely find me exploring on vacation, checking out a new local spot, off to hot yoga or at my favorite beach. Check out my trips, life, shop, recipes and advice!

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Chelsea Swift


About Me

I am a Podcaster, Blogger, Marketing Consultant and avid positive thinker/ reader. I enjoy studying and practicing wellness in my daily routine and providing wisdom along the way. 


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