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I am a Podcaster, Blogger, Personal Coach, Marketing Consultant, Energy Healer, Oracle Card Reader and YouTuber. 


Find all the best skinny drinks, healthy recipes, funny blogs, motivational podcasts, daily oracle card readings and personal plans to jump start your wellness journey. 

For me, it's all about the balance of your mind, body and soul; and I say this on the podcast all the time but, you are truly not your body, you have a body. You are also not your mind, you have a mind; but what we are is spiritual energy and when you can open up to that connection, you open up to love and balance all three elements. This is when you can create a calm, positive, fun, flowing, energetic balance that allows all of us to live in harmony and flow with our natural passions and energy. So the podcast is all about healing the vibe, uplifting your spirit and motivating you for the day! Catch that on Spotify, Pandora, Apple, Anchor: Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal

I personally love putting out new podcasts and connecting with you guys on a personal level every week. It makes my life! I love coaching, mentoring and providing a positive perspective in business, wellness , health, weight loss, mentality, beauty, spirituality, energy healing and lifestyle. 


Whether that's through advice on my daily motivational podcast show, the Weekly Newsletter (be sure to subscribe), sharing a healthy recipe from my kitchen to yours on my blog or simply being that light while I coach you towards your personal perfect balance.


I think what makes me unique as a personal coach is I get it! I get it because I've been there, I've been over weight, I've been depressed, I've been taken advantage of in a lot of relationships and I've experienced real hardship in business, wellness, love, finance and life. So, it's really my life lessons that led me to this personal level of strength, happiness, balance and overall sense of peace.

I can tell you that all lessons serve a purpose and anyone, anywhere in the world, has an opportunity to turn around and face the sun. Life is a gift. Today is a blessings. Follow THAT. 


A few interesting facts about me, I guess since it is an "about me"and not a pep talk lol I am a former bartender (back in college) as well as a master mixologist (I also attended bartending school while in college) and I learned to love the art behind making a well balanced drink. From there I started creating skinny healthy martini's and mocktails that don't ruin your diet. (see blog + ebooks) Before the podcast, I was a Marketing and Event Manager turned full time Marketing Consultant under my own business name (CSwift Designs) which gave me the ability to break into what I really love to do full time, which is podcasting, blogging, motivating people and living my dream. I am currently a Motivational + Wellness Podcaster ( Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal) on Spotify, Pandora and Apple; and as a new lifestyle blogger and wellness coach, I'm just all about keeping it real, keeping it positive, and staying true to the light within my soul. 

Another fun fact: I lost fifty pounds and transitioned into a plant based lifestyle that truly changed my relationship with health and what wellness and a beautiful body even means, all bodies, by the way, are unique and that's what makes yours so  beautiful; so that's another reason I am so passionate about podcasting and creating weight loss plans because a lot of that weight work is found in the mentality and energetic vibes you have towards your body.

Confidence being king, you just also, will never meet another person as confident as me; but that is because I have walked through hell to reach my heaven; with pure determination and I'm confident in my ability to create my life as I wish to see it. 


When I'm not working, you can absolutely find me exploring on vacation, checking out a new local spot, mixing up a skinny drink, painting, whipping up a crazy new recipe, off to hot yoga or at my favorite beach.... just enjoying the simple things that life brings. Click around for all the skinny drink recipes, The Weekly newsletter, positivity, blogs, personal plans and I will see you on the next podcast! 


Chelsea xox

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Chelsea Swift

Personal Coach + Marketing Consultant + Podcaster + Blogger


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About Me

I am a Podcaster, Blogger, Marketing Consultant and Personal Coach! As an avid positive thinker/ reader, I enjoy studying and practicing wellness in my daily routine and providing wisdom along the way. 


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