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A Marketing Consultant is a translator, creative strategist and your first point of contact if you are starting a business or looking to improve an existing one.


Basically, I speak the internet, translate digital marketing terms, and help you understand your industry and business needs.

My job is to implement a creative strategy for your business to increase sales, while guiding you through the proper channels of traditional and digital marketing, introducing you to advertising forms, as well as getting you up to speed on best business practices for your industry.


I also ensure you're not left "needing" anything. I set up your basic business needs (as needed) such as (but not limited to) business cards, sales material, websites, employee recruitment, online advertising and more. 

An idea.


An idea is all you need to start a business, blog, side hustle, or a new venture; and that is all you need to bring to our meeting. 

Book your first consultation below to get started or inquire for more information here.

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About Me

I am a Podcaster, Blogger, Marketing Consultant, Etsy Shop Owner, Author and 30 Day Weight Loss Audio Series Creator On Patreon! As an avid reader and positive thinker, I enjoy studying and practicing wellness in my daily routine and providing wisdom along the way. 


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