All you need is love. mojitos...and my podcast. 

Welcome to the blog! I’m Chelsea Swift, your main source of inspiration on “Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal” Podcast | Available on Spotify + Pandora + Apple 

I started my podcast channel and blog as a source of motivation to inspire YOU! By encouraging you to be your best self, and of course, share my personal tips along the way. 


So, What does your best self even look like? To me, it looks like pure empowerment.


The truth is, your best self, your best health, your best lifestyle is your own personal definition of fulfillment. What nourishes you, what fuels you, what empowers you, and what leaves you feeling good within. 


Your "best" is not just a diet, size, or restrictions to life. It's a personal healing process that reconnects your mind, body, and soul with your true genuine goals. 


And, that's what this space is all about, providing constant enlightenment to help you reach your real happiness. 

Speaking of happy goals, we can actually tackle them together! 


With Over 100 Hours Of Mindset Training On Udemy, My Mission Is To Help You Realign With Your True Goals And Achieve A Self-Mastery Mindset. For Mindset Coaching + Personal Consulting, Email Me On: 

Not ready for coaching just yet? Below you'll find wellness tips, skinny drinks, weight loss recipes, positive vibes, free daily motivation on my podcast channel, and SOUL much more. Enjoy and namaste, friends! xoxo - Chelsea


The wealth in health is found in wellness and most of that begins and ends in your mind, which is why every podcast and e-book is designed to clear your mind as you make way for your new sense of peace.


True wellness for me, has always been about finding personal balance and I can't say this enough, real health really does look different on everybody's *body*.  The reality is there's no one path that works for every person and sometimes the weight you need to lose isn't on your body, it's weighing on your spirit or on your mind.


That's what this space is for, a chance for you to get inspired, get empowered, regain balance and remember the light that is already within your self.

Enjoy all the electric skinny drinks, healthy recipes, cocktail's, weight loss tips, beauty tricks, wellness advice, spiritual chats on the podcast, e-books and e-programs and soul much more. 

Love, Chelsea xo

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I am a Podcaster, Blogger, Marketing Consultant and avid positive thinker/ reader. I enjoy studying and practicing wellness in my daily routine and providing wisdom along the way. 


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