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Beauty Bowl - The Magic of Acai

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

I literally still pronounce this wrong in real life - but it is a SKIN game changer and weight loss super food.

Welcome to my blog post, the Acai Berry Powder Super Beauty, edition. Today I wanted to give you my weight loss smoothie bowl that almost every supermodel on YouTube pretends to eat in her, "What I Eat In A Day" videos.

“Health requires healthy food.”

I know, it's simple math but like, we still don't get it (pass the chips) Anyways, if you're like... already skeptical - I was TOO. For the most part, I eat a pretty clean diet and when I first started eating these "weight loss" smoothies bowls, I genuinely didn't think they would make any difference in helping me tone up. However, after 4% body fat and 7 pounds in 3 weeks, I can tell you that they work - if you are already healthy and you ADD it, to your diet. (keyword: ADD)

Here's how I made my discovery: I started researching collagen diets and listening to the super beautiful on YouTube. Relax, no need to jump blog ship to tube it, I have all the info you need right here:

Facts You Were Going To Google:

- Eat This: Oatmeal Acai Protein Berry Bowl | Every Day

- You know how all models and skinny people eat oatmeal? It's to fill them up and help with nutrients, fiber, digestion and appetite control.

- I'm telling you this - because, oatmeal only gets you so far before you look nutrient deprived (the exact opposite of the look I was going for) so "make me skinny and pretty at the same time" hit the Google bar once or twice

- What I discovered is all the beautiful people, eat this Acia bowl with oatmeal and protein, it's not a trend, it's a real model swag thing; like Cali is a vegan swag thing, same thing.

- Anyways, here's the Oatmeal Acai Berry Bowls: it's basically the one bowl you have to eat to stop stressing about protein, collagen, hydration, antioxidants, minerals, nutrients, hormonal, sugar , digestive, fiber, mood balance. Did I get that all? Like I stopped using commas at this point - but it takes care of YOUR VITALS.

- I know, I love you too - so here's the secret to us looking beautiful forever while having a delicious smoothie bowl that fills you up for like a whole day

- Not saying to only eat this, I'm just saying I started my day with this for 3 weeks and I was beyond IMPRESSED. Like I'm using caps - that never haps.

Recipe: 1/2 cup of 100% whole grain steel cut oats (cooked or raw) + 1 scoop (protein powder with collagen or 1 scoop of each) + 1 handful frozen berries + few splashes of almond milk + handful of baby spinach + turmeric powder + cinnamon + 1/2 frozen banana + top with blueberries and strawberries (I added 72% dark chocolate pieces to mine, NOM)

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